Two passions of mine come together at Taspartout: a passion for bags and for travelling. On this website you can admire what this cross-fertilization leads to in a creative sense: colourful bags, inspired by all kinds of countries and cultures. Every single one of them is handmade and unique. Traditional techniques such as macramé, crocheting, embroidery, knitting and appliqué or even unlikely materials such as wood, bamboo, string and beads may be used in the creation of yet another surprising new bag. Or you can have a custom-made bag created especially for you by Taspartout.

Each Taspartout bag is created with respect for people and planet in a small studio in Geldrop. You can wear it proudly!

The designer and creator: Ivonne van Rijt

As long as I can remember I have been working with textiles, in all sorts of ways. Of course it began relatively simple with sewing, knitting and crocheting - a cuddly toy here a shawl there - and later also dressmaking for myself and others. Furniture upholstery is another craft that I learnt. And in recent years I have immersed myself fully in the art of textiles attending a five year Academy of Arts course in Belgium. In 2014 I graduated from this course and now designing, dyeing, weaving, batik, felting and even kumihimo no longer hold secrets for me....

Taspartout for you?

The website is only one place where my bags can be admired and ordered. This is also where I publish the dates and events where my bags are on show (at designers' and arts and crafts fairs such as Markt van Morgen in Antwerp, Feelgood Markets). Because I really prefer the personal touch: meeting people who take an interest in my work and being able to tell them the stories behind it. And getting to know the person who is going to take this creation of mine into the world.

On www.taspartout.nl en op www.etsy.com/shop/Taspartout you will find photos and information about my creations. About the colours and materials used, the techniques, measurements and price. And if you order a bag I myself will wrap it up carefully. You can make your payment directly into my bank account, without involving additional sites. In the honest, personal and traditional way that is so characteristic of my work...

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